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From Darkness unto Light

A few bomb blasts. Many killed, many more injured. A regular phenomenon. The locations change. The results similar. What will this mindless mayhem ever achieve? Nothing. If fear for them is an achievement. They haven’t even attained that. The markets … Continue reading

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We Are Not Afraid

Serial bomb blasts rock Delhi. They can bomb us, maim us, kill us, but our spirit remains unshattered.

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Munnabhai, MA (Double), LLB, MBA, Diploma in …

I still recall the last paper of by university degree exam. I was elated. Not because my pre-results calculations had arrived at the conclusion that I’ll manage to scrape through respectfully, but due to a sense of freedom. Freedom from … Continue reading

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The Day After

I’m not exactly a party pooper. It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable in a crowd of unfamiliar drunks. Office parties are fine, but they should be scheduled on weekends. Coming for a morning shift after a wild night on … Continue reading

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The Blog Relay Race – My Run

This tag thing reminds me of the relay races I used to participate in at school and never won. I with my non-athletic traits, I was usually the weakest link in the chain. As they say ‘the chain is as … Continue reading

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Spread the Red Around

Blood is life. Blood is important, therefore blood relations are so valued and letters of passion are written in the fluid. Is it therefore that people are reluctant to part with even a few millilitres of the precious fluid? A … Continue reading

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Numbed by Numbers

I counted. It’s 40 steps from the street below to my third floor flat. Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high. I remember. The population of India is more than a billion. I don’t know the exact figure. Nobody does. Do … Continue reading

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