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Making Sense of Mr. Mehta

Vinod Mehta accuses the Indian India’s ‘smug, selfish, self-centered, satiated middle class, fattened on the fruits of the booming economy’ of keeping their “Eyes. Ears and Minds Closed.” Beginning with a disclaimer that the intention was not to defend Arjun … Continue reading

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A Good Year

May 29, 2005. 55 per cent of the voters in France said no to the ratification of the proposed constitution of the European Constitution. Some 6580 kilometres away something remotely insignificant happened. 365 days and 238 posts later, what began … Continue reading

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Reasonable Reading

Kartar Singh, former Director of the Institute of Rural Management Anand, writes in The Indian Express: I am convinced that: one, securing social justice for everyone – and not necessarily only for the people belonging to SCs, STs, and OBC … Continue reading

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The More the Merrier?

The Prime Minister thinks, “the matter is already settled.” And he is “pained to see the agonising experience the youth of the country are undergoing.” “They should call off their strike and I assure that the government will find a … Continue reading

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Deservation not Reservation

Reservation is a dirty word. It symbolises exclusion rather than what it purportedly strives to achieve – an inclusive egalitarian society. Of late I have been reading a lot of pro-reservation/quota literature and though there are many substantial arguments in … Continue reading

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Massive Opium

Often people ask for answers to questions which might not have any realistic relevance. Given my usual antipathy about how things are done in this world, many friends and colleagues have put this hypothetical question before me, “What would you … Continue reading

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Netaji Lives…

in commissions of inquiry. ‘Netaji’ – a name which might rank as one of the most common prefixes for youth clubs. The locality where I grew up, also had its fair share of ‘Netaji Clubs,’ and two portraits adorned the … Continue reading

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