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What the Work Was

The work is still in progress. If no one noticed the change, my efforts haven’t gone in vain. Anyway, San made the right guess. After all it was her email pointing out the cross-browser incompatibility of this blog that got … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

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Why Delhi is Going Down

Today’s Hindustan Times has an a page one anchor describing what a Dutch diplomat has to say about the capital of the nation: Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong; everyone interferes with everyone else; the people are a … Continue reading

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Advent of Autumn

It’s that time of the year when mother Durga embarks on her annual vacation, family and pets in tow. The hills in autumn seem greener; the streams sparkle a little more. A thousand miles away from home, in a land … Continue reading

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Another Anonymiser

One thing that many users liked best about Firefox was its Ctrl+Shift+Del feature, which made the process of clearing up personal data collected while surfing on the WWW disappear at the simultaneous click of three buttons (even in absense of … Continue reading

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Deathly Doc

Waiting for an appointment at a doctor’s chamber is one of the more boring experiences in life. Pharmaceutical companies do provide the docs with subscriptions of major magazines, but the copies on the corner table are always many issues old. … Continue reading

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Vintage Indian Advertisements 2.15

[Click on images for a bigger view] Modella yarn – Modella Private Limited, Bombay Impermo waterproofing – Snowcem India Ltd., Bombay Anoleum pain balm – Amrutanjan Limited Binny’s Varsity – The Bangalore Wollen, Cotton & Silk Mills Company Limited Escorts … Continue reading

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