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I Don’t Know Harry Potter

I was waiting for the hullabaloo over the latest in the Potter series to wither a little before I started writing this. I feared that my voice would be lost in all the cacophony. So now when relative calm prevails … Continue reading

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Lure of the Lens

My brother is a foto freak. One of his prized possessions is his camera, which he acquired soon after getting employed (and keeps it upgraded with zeal). And he has been putting it to good use (I hope he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Blog Fight

Two bloggers are pitting their literary skills against each other to decide who reigns supreme. This Deathly Fish versus Bob Jone is developing into an interesting battle. Visit their blogs to find out the latest. Deathly Fish: Jone:

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Nostalgic Stuff

Remember the good (?) ol’ days when our air space (now cable space) was monopolised by Doordarshan and a hundred and one (I know there are more) channels were not jostling for TRP (eyeball) ratings? Remember the mesmerising Bharat Ek … Continue reading

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Wah Shah Jehan

About a month ago I paid my debut visit to the Taj. Yes, it is an impressive piece of architecture, but I was left wondering… If Shah Jehan had constructed the mausoleum exclusively for himself and not for his beloved … Continue reading

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Sarkar Rules

The latest from RGV Film Company’s Factory is after quite long a while not the usual assembly line product which the Factory seemed to be churning out. Yes, the Godfather influence is omnipresent, so is the alleged inspiration from the … Continue reading

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