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My Minute-Centimetre of Fame

A few weeks ago I received a call from NDTV requesting me to fill in the empty spaces in one of their talk shows. I had been to one celebrity stuffed show before and was reduced to a shadowy face … Continue reading

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In Defiance of the Alleged Similitude of the Masculine Kind

“All men are the same.” How many times have you, my fellow brethren heard this done-unto-death-but-always-rejuvenated banality? Can’t count or simply don’t care? And she’ll say – “Exactly!” Hey, give us a break, girls. We all are not the same, … Continue reading

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It Ain’t a Black Riddle

Every year the world’s largest movie industry sends its official nominations to the awards celebrating the achievements of it’s more popular and affluent transoceanic cousin, but not without some associated hype and the occasional controversy. This year it is Amol … Continue reading

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Google Turns 7

History of GoogleGoogle’s 7th Anniversary Post

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Evil is Good

We have been wanting for ages for all the differences, inequalities, suffering to disappear from this world. But if that utopian dream ever materialises, what a dull, drab and monotonous place this planet will be. The absence of wars, suffering … Continue reading

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The Wealth of Humans

Man enters the world with nothing on him, and also leaves in a similar fashion (If you count the Pharaohs and the like out). During his material existence, what is his greatest asset? Money, he might inherit or earn on … Continue reading

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Losing the Little Cultures

The greatest challenge before independent India was one of keeping the nation together. ‘Unity in diversity’ became the catchphrase. Public speeches, school books, newspapers and the radio – all conveyed the same message. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion we … Continue reading

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