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Train Announcement Ringtones

The ambience of an Indian railway station is incomplete without the pre-recorded female voice that informs passengers of the arrivals and departure of trains. The arrival of computerised announcement system in the Indian railways meant that the variety of voices … Continue reading

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List of Indian eMagazines

No one that I know got a raise this year and costs keep increasing. My landlord raised the rent, though I managed to bargain a bit with a little recession sob-story. With stagnant cash inflow, we need to make some … Continue reading

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Why the IIPM story needs to be told over and over again

IIPM is again making news, of the wrong kind of course. Many thanks to Careers 360 for bringing to light, again, the truth beind the tall claims by IIPM. Incidentally Outlook, also published by Maheshswer Peri, had banished the institute … Continue reading

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Whacky New IE8 Ads for India

In a bid to retain its mammoth share of the internet browser market, Microsoft is trying to better its offering, now that more and more people are getting aware of the other better options out there. And they have also … Continue reading

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Microsoft bars Indians from searching for sex

Microsoft silently made available to the public its new (actually Live Search on energy boosters) search engine – they prefer to call it a “decision engine”. And the online world was abuzz with buzz about the new product. So … Continue reading

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