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Smoking a Survey and Heading Home

I’m a teacher who tutors kids of classes I to V. I’ve studied only up to class XIII earn Rs 8,000 a monthI smoke small Gold Flakes, that too a packet of 10s a day with an occasional puff of … Continue reading

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It Rained in Delhi

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Genuinely Fake

Half a grand for the kids to play with.

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I ain’t a Splogger

It’s official. Following the suspected splogging charges against me, I have finally been exonerated of all the charges. Here’s the mail to this effect: Re: [#544032] Non-spam review and verification request: Hello, Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and … Continue reading

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Vintage Indian Advertisements – XII

This is the twelfth and the last instalment in Season One of Vintage Indian Advertisements, which was exclusively sourced from the pages of Indrajal Comics (Courtesy: The Comic Project). Will attempt to bring in some more variety in Season Two … Continue reading

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Free Online Image Editing

Are the days of installing software onto the hard disks coming to an end? The signs strongly indicate in that direction. We’ve heard about (and some of us have also tried out) Google’s Spreadsheets as an alternative to MS Excel. … Continue reading

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Vintage Indian Advertisements – XI

The eleventh instalment: [Click on the images for a bigger view] Amul’s Nutramul (The Nutramul Dada is Jugal Hansraj) Parry’s Parry’s Nutrine Nutrine Previous instalments of vintage Indian adsFirst | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | … Continue reading

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