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Little Bundle of Happiness

This post is a month and 22 days late. But I had to wait for the photographs. My lazy and now preoccupied brother was too busy changing nappies to let me have a look at the newest addition to the … Continue reading

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Equating the e-Quotient

Sensing the lack of excitement in my voice, my mother dubbed me an anti-Northeast Dilliwallah. In a nation hooked to high emotion talent-hunts, showing disinterest in programmes of public popularity brings forth some uncomplimentary comments. Debojit Saha from Silchar, Assam … Continue reading

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Pleasures of the Pedal

Come 2020 and the Swedes will eject all the remaining residues of petroleum derivatives from their system. Who said that blondes don’t have brains? Though not exactly what you’ll call an environmental activist, I prefer to ride on two wheels … Continue reading

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Necessity Provided, Now for the Invention

Did anyone come up with the idea of a remote locator? If not, here it is and please pass the message to TV manufacturers to include this feature in their forthcoming models. Last night, I needed to switch channels and … Continue reading

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Chicken Check

As I was getting my Chicken McGrill – the only worthwhile stuff that I consume at McDee’s – a lady approached me and enquired whether I was having chicken. I replied in the affirmative. “Is it safe?” came the anxious … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Scroll

A caf√© whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink is called a cybercaf√© – though it was only once when I did sip some coffee at one of these places. … Continue reading

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