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Toffees for change? Take this sandal instead

My wife, Varsha, gets peeved whenever the attendant at the cash counter offers toffees instead of change. She refuses to accept the toffee-currency and has even offered to pay them back in toffees. But Nana Patekar in the forthcoming release … Continue reading

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Google Chrome’s IPL / Twenty20 Cricket Ad

With the IPL broadcasting (deferred) live on YouTube, the Twenty20 bug also seem to have bitten Google Chrome. Came across this online ad for Google Chrome: Fast cricketin a fast browser.Get Chromeby Google

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Why I hate the new Tata Sky Plus (Elevator) Ad

I stay on the 12th floor of a 14-storey apartment building. This morning I had to rush to work and was waiting for the elevator and it stopped at every floor before it could reach mine. No, as in the … Continue reading

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The Chaiwallah’s got a Chaiwali

It has been the longest pause on Cutting the Chai since I first began blogging almost five years back. In fact if you look at the archives, February 2010 will be the only month that has gone postless since May … Continue reading

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