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At Ease in the Twilight Zone


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‘Pony Tales’ Running Successfully All Over

The Ponytail is back to business and bloggers continue with their mindless musings. The Bloggers vs. IIPM scuffle gave IIPM the publicity which it did not welcome and bloggers some recognition which they hadn’t really expected. The mainstream media though … Continue reading

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The Tinkle of Silver

It was the wee years of the nineteen hundred and eighties. Television didn’t air Cartoon Network, cyber space was still confined within the peripheries of laboratories and MMS was a distant dream. Kids played real games requiring physical exertion. And … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Good Day

Just the kind of the beginning of the day you never want. Through with the morning habit of brushing the teeth and the early morning cup of tea on the Guwahati-Delhi Rajdhani Express – nature calls. After pushing numerous bolted … Continue reading

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The 2nd Shillong Wine Festival

Shillong is said to be famous for its three Ws – Wine, Weather and Women. For a taste of the first of the fabled Ws, I went for some sips at the 2nd Shillong Wine Festival. On reaching the venue … Continue reading

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Lonely Lonely Monday Morning

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Railway Regulations

Travelling on Indian Railways is an experience one should not deprive oneself of. You get to know the nation, its culture, its people from the confines of your bogie. The general class is often too crowded to let anyone enjoy … Continue reading

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