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Soumyadip Choudhury aka Somu aka Chaiwallah is an internet addict. His wife and family suspect that he is secretly married to his laptop. The electric shock that he got while trying to fix a neighbour's TV set as a kid, perhaps ignited his interest in everything tech. A do-it-yourself guy, he doesn't believe in hiring electricians, plumbers or carpenters. But often ends paying the professionals more to fix his botched jobs. Somu secretly wishes he knew how to code and also grumbles a lot.

When News is Sold

There is nothing new about the news of news being paid for. I first became aware of this practice as a mass communication student in the early 2000s. To me, then, it seemed that it was not just news but … Continue reading

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The 20 Greatest Films Ever Made in India

I’m a big sucker for lists. More so when it has something to do with India and/or cinema. So obviously I was quite excited about the results of the T20 of Indian Cinema at The 40th International Film Festival of … Continue reading

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Censored in India, Savita Bhabhi goes French

She’s one porn star who has everyone ‘excited’, right from the government babus to the editors in the newsrooms. Though Savita Bhabhi has been back after the ban via a new domain, the resurrection also seems to have been obstructed. … Continue reading

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Against Terror. In all Forms

It’s November 26. Said to be the day we commemorate what is often called India’s 9/11. The date-month order may be transposed, but even after that bloody (and live) 72 hours nothing much else seems to be. I still vividly … Continue reading

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Lisa Ray in Bombay Dyeing Vivaldi Ad

Quite a long while ago when I had initiated (and now reviving) the Fantastic Females series on this blog, the name Lisa Ray was on the top of the list of all the fantastic females that I wanted to feature. … Continue reading

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Recession Effect on Blessings

There’s something about recession. It has even changed the nature of blessings. This morning, I saw a poor couple with a baby sitting the lane near my home. They were in rags and shivering in the morning cold. Just a … Continue reading

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Back and introducing

It’s been a crazy, busy month. First went on a short vacation home, followed by crazy work schedules and then a lot of activity on the personal front, leaving me totally exhausted at the end of the day (or the … Continue reading

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