Vintage GE Ads

I though of restricting the vintage ad collection on this blog to only the stuff related to India. But then restrictions are not a good thing to have. Therefore today when I received this wonderful email of vintage ads from Ojas Sabnis, I thought of loosening the limits a little.

Non-Indian vintage ads will be posted on this blog only when it is a reader’s contribution or something very relevant to a post (this also is subject to further flexibility).

Some GE ads from the past:

[Click on images for a bigger view]

Vintage GE ads

Vintage GE ads

Vintage GE ads

Vintage GE ads

Vintage GE ads

Vintage GE ads

Click here to view a time line (in flash) of GE campaigns from 1878 onwards.

Modern-day GE ads can be found here.


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Soumyadip Choudhury aka Somu aka Chaiwallah is an internet addict. His wife and family suspect that he is secretly married to his laptop. The electric shock that he got while trying to fix a neighbour's TV set as a kid, perhaps ignited his interest in everything tech. A do-it-yourself guy, he doesn't believe in hiring electricians, plumbers or carpenters. But often ends paying the professionals more to fix his botched jobs. Somu secretly wishes he knew how to code and also grumbles a lot.
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