Isspecial Cutting Chai – August 2006

The fifth Isspecial Cutting Chai (August 2006) is offered to Gaizabonts. Saluting Atul’s ability to maintain nine blogs, in two languages, at a time. There are many other reasons too, visit his blog(s) to find out. Have a sip Atul.


Previous sipper: Babushkas and Anadems (July 2006)


About Soumyadip

Soumyadip Choudhury aka Somu aka Chaiwallah is an internet addict. His wife and family suspect that he is secretly married to his laptop. The electric shock that he got while trying to fix a neighbour's TV set as a kid, perhaps ignited his interest in everything tech. A do-it-yourself guy, he doesn't believe in hiring electricians, plumbers or carpenters. But often ends paying the professionals more to fix his botched jobs. Somu secretly wishes he knew how to code and also grumbles a lot.
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6 Responses to Isspecial Cutting Chai – August 2006

  1. AquaM says:


  2. asabnis says:

    Soumyadip, tastes like heaven! Honoured, to say the least! Thank you!

  3. Adee says:

    sir,errr… cud u tell me wat ur criteria of selecting ppl for this honour wud be like… errr, like i liked the walk like an aquarian or was that egyptian… and i was wondering if i cud ask you whether it wont be much of a bother to you if you could kindly mail me these vintage ads, as you know i’m a student of advtg, so errr perhaps these might help me a lot u know… i hope you do understand…ok bye

  4. Soumyadip says:

    <>Aquamarine<> Cheers! (Three of them)<>Atul<> I am a <>chaiwallah<> in the making. There’s one question I always wanted to ask you, how do you manage?<>Adi<> The criteria is according to my whims and fancies. Actually it is based on a complex algorithm, which I too haven’t been able to comprehend fully. As for the ads, if you want them by email, I can send them to you, just let me know of your email id. Or you are always free to download them from the blog. There’s a lot more to come. Do you want them now or later, when I’m through with Season Two?

  5. AquaM says:

    complex algorithm, my foot!];)

  6. asabnis says:

    i manage with … er…with difficulty 😉

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