How Many Babies Did You Kill Today?

say no to dowry. stop female foeticide

Spread the word against dowry and female foeticide. Copy and paste the following code on your blog. Change attributes (alignment, size) to suit your requirements.

Code box (white background)

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Crusaders for the cause:

* San [April 26, 2006]
* Accidental Fame Junkie [April 28, 2006]
* Atul Sabnis [April 30, 2006]
* Educatedunemployed [May 3, 2006]
* Aquamarine [May 4, 2006]
* Elise Balance [May 14, 2006]
* Aklanta [May 14, 2006]


About Soumyadip

Soumyadip Choudhury aka Somu aka Chaiwallah is an internet addict. His wife and family suspect that he is secretly married to his laptop. The electric shock that he got while trying to fix a neighbour's TV set as a kid, perhaps ignited his interest in everything tech. A do-it-yourself guy, he doesn't believe in hiring electricians, plumbers or carpenters. But often ends paying the professionals more to fix his botched jobs. Somu secretly wishes he knew how to code and also grumbles a lot.
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11 Responses to How Many Babies Did You Kill Today?

  1. San says:

    dowry, here’s a subject that people havent mentioned in a while now. But just because we aren’t discussing the issues surrounding this disgusting act doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Shame on all those who still continue spreading such filth in our communities.

  2. Admin says:

    cool looks man.. didn’t know.. I was on a break… Forced Hiatus

  3. Accidental Fame Junkie says:

    This is a serious issue and it needs all the attention we can give.

  4. R says:

    Amazing. The way this issue is dealt here with-is amazing. And the way it’s presented–ultra cool.Hope dowry is a word of the past in let’s say another ten years!

  5. chandni says:

    It is heartening to see men take initiative on stoppig dowry…well done!!Also..have visited after a while…great new look… PS: I am huge cutting chai fan!! 🙂

  6. AquaM says:

    Yup, I’m with you on this. It requires maximum exposure, so I did my bit by posting the link on my blog as well.

  7. Soumyadip says:

    Thanks guys for spreading the message.

  8. Indiafreak says:

    i ll put it on my blog as soon as possible… struggling with for the moment…keep it up!

  9. Anonymous says:

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